“I like to explore the borderline between art jewelry and fine jewelry. I believe jewelry should be luxurious and voluptuous. It should have depth and sensuality. That’s what I strive for.”


Born and raised in Sudan (Africa) and along the Lake of Zurich, Switzerland, I became interested in art and design at an early age. I began studying classical goldsmithing techniques in my teens, graduatin in 1980. A year later, I moved to Southern California, where I worked for the established jewelry houses Bosshard/JFA Designs in Costa Mesa, and Silverhorn in Santa Barbara. In 1993 I opened my own design studio in Santa Barbara. After my former teacher offered me to take over his jewelry business in Küsnacht, I returned back to Switzerland in autumn 2010.

My fine art jewelry has been exhibited at museums like the ‘Bowers Museum’ in Santa Ana, California. And I won seven design prices in Switzerland and the USA.


Each idea for a piece of jewelry or accessory starts with a design on paper, whether it is changing or reusing existing jewelry pieces or doing new pieces.

My pieces are hand-made. I make sure to use the best material and workmanship only. I like the challenge of puzzling through technical difficulties. Much of my approach developed out of my respect for a blind uncle, whose sensitivity of touch gave me a new appreciation for the tactile.

I also provide my know-how in designing and making of special jewelry pieces and accessory to companies who wish to give a special thank you to their clients.

… still enjoying every piece of yours!

Manjeet Ornstein, Calgary, Canada

One of the most talented and fashion forward jewelry designers I have seen is Christoph Krähenmann, whose pieces all have a remarkable architectural look to them.

Marta Nowakowski, Bergdorf Goodman, New York

I admire Christoph Krähenmann’s ability to interpret his client’s desires in jewelry design and his masterful execution of the final piece of jewelry is fascinating.

Erica van Pelt, Photographer, Los Angeles